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Formal Proposal

For my digital story, I’ve decided I would like to produce a documentary about the band I’m in. I will do this by having weekly-biweekly episodes (depending how much content I can generate) complemented by a website for the band. The website will contain a blog, the weekly episodes of our documentary, pictures, audio and also short bios for each member of the band. Ideally, each band member might be able to contribute to the blog, but at any rate it will serve as a place where I update reader on what the band is doing in between episodes (especially if we are scheduled to play any concerts).
The weekly episodes (I hope to make somewhere between 5-8 total) will document the band’s progression from meeting and forming the band, to making it onstage and performing and beyond.

I think I’m undertaking a lot with putting up the website, but I think I can figure it out. At the very least I can start with a Myspace or Facebook page and then work up from there.

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One of My Heroes.

This might not have much to do with anything, but I just have to post this video. I wrote a paper about the Riot Grrrl movement last year, and since then Kathleen Hanna has become one of my idols. I guess it does tie in here because she and the Riot Grrrl movement has inspired me with their DIY ethic, and really made me want to be in a band 😛

Go here to see the video.

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Drunk History

Perhaps one of my favorite digital stories, history majors drunk and talking about history.

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Story Proposal

I have changed my mind a lot about what I might want to do for my story. Originally I was thinking of doing something with poetry, either writing my own, or doing something similar to kinetic typography with different poems. Now though I’m leaning towards doing something along the lines of a “Behind the Music” episode on VH1. A few of my friends and I are currently in a band together, and I thought it might be fun to turn all the footage I’ve been taking of us practicing into a weekly web series. We’re only practicing and writing right now, but we’re planning on doing some actual gigs soon, so I thought it would be fun to film the gigs, as well as do interviews with everyone in the band. It would be mostly non-fiction, but I would also like to play up the cheesy “Behind the Music” aspect of it if I did end up going this route, so maybe making up some crazy stories to throw in the mix. In addition to the “webisodes” I could also upload songs that we’ve recorded and pictures. Right now I’m leaning towards the Behind the Music idea, as it seems like it would be easier to make it a continuous project.

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Three Versions of the Same Story

This story is about a trip to Japan I took after I graduated high school in 2007.

I realized after I finished these that it would have been nice to combine all of these tools somehow. I like using Google Maps for the locations, but I also enjoyed using the timeline as well. There isn’t really a strict narrative going on here, just a summary of things I did while in Japan.

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More on Kinetic Poetry

I really wish I could do something like this, but I’m not familiar with flash animation or anything like that. However it’s got my wheels turning as far as something I might be able to do with stop motion filming, like we saw in the wolf video in class the other day.

If you search “kinetic poetry” on Youtube, lots of cool animations like this will come up. If I find anymore cool ones I will put them up as well.

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Stand By Me in 6 Frames

I don’t know why I thought this was going to be easy, but it was difficult to boil down this movie to just six shots. I’m not sure that it completely works, and it of course leaves quite a few things out. For those who have seen the movie, how would you have done it differently?

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My Four Frame Story…

I call this, “10 years late…but I’ll still take it.”

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Living in Web 2.0 and Beyond

O’Reilly’s article was interesting to me for several reasons. First, it brought me back to the short-lived days of Napster, and how life changing that was for me as a kid. While downloading music, movies etc. for free to me now is something I take for granted, ten years ago that concept was literally the craziest thing that I had ever experienced. Practically any song I could want to listen to was immediately available to me. Before Napster, if I wanted to hear a song I had to either wait for my parents to drive me to the mall so I could buy it on CD, or wait by the radio, cassette tape in hand, hoping that the song I wanted would get played and I could record it. The ease of access was something I never could have imagined. These days I get angry when I can’t find something I want available on a site like Piratebay. It’s bizarre to think that ten years ago I wouldn’t have had that capability. An interesting trip down internet memory lane.

The second thing I liked about this article, is not that it explained something I didn’t know, but it documented and legitimized something I already knew, I’d just never discussed it in those terms. The article gave me a title, Web 2.0, for something I simply didn’t know needed a title. While I remember a time before Wikipedia, I remember it only vaguely, simply because I wasn’t using the internet much until about 10 or 11, right about when Web 2.0 was coming to the forefront. That doesn’t mean however that a site like Youtube didn’t seem exciting and fresh to me. I just never really considered that there was ever a division of the web being user driven versus not user driven.

This article did make me stop and appreciate all these great sites and tools that have been created and expanded during the last decade. Just like Napster, I have taken for granted how truly awesome it is to have sites like eBay, Flickr, even the now defunct Geocities, that let you use their site for free for your own purposes.

I also like this article because it supports my belief that if the world were to experience a 1984 like take-over, we might be okay if Google is behind it all. Not that I actually want that to happen, I’m just saying that Google is pretty awesome. They let me look at my house from a satellite (for free), I can create documents and presentations on Google Docs (for free), I can talk to people on Gchat (for free), have an email account, have all my blog feeds in one place, surf the internet on Google Chrome, get directions, watch videos,  pretty much do whatever I want, FOR FREE. Google is awesome. I watched a TV show where they went in the Google offices and they had a video game room for their employees. This is how the world should be run.

P.S. Google do not take this as a sign that you should actually go ahead with your world takeover plan.

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