Playing around with Wordle

I have found myself very amused by Wordle, and I thought I’d post a few that I’d done.
In the vein of the state of the union adress tag cloud we looked at, I made two Wordles, one for Conan O’Brien’s Harvard commencement speech, and one for J.K. Rowling’s Harvard commencement speech.

Wordle: conanobrienspeech

Wordle: jk rowling commencement speech

I also thought it would be entertaining to take the lyrics from one album by a musician and put them in the text box. I chose The Magic Position, by my favorite musician, Patrick Wolf. I thought he was a good choice, considering a word like “bracken” ended up in the picture. I’m probably gonna do some of his other albums as well, it’s an interesting way to track themes throughout and across them.

Wordle: magic position

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5 Responses to “Playing around with Wordle”

  1. Rachel Hirst Says:

    I’ve been finding weird ways to play with wordle too. I never thought of plugging in lyrics from a song though- that was a really cool idea. And the speeches too. I’m definitely going to spend some time pasting some lyrics of my favorite songs into wordle. It’ll probably come up with some pretty crazy things.

  2. Katie Jones Says:

    Yeah, P.Wolf!!!

  3. Erik Says:

    Impressive experiment, just seems odd for Conan’s speech to say “Harvard” the most, thought he’d be more creative, but then again I’m only going off the picture.

  4. Erin Says:

    You have totally just made my day by being a PW fan. Not enough of us exist in my opinion.

  5. Charles Says:

    Love the commencement speech differences. JK is more bigger picture than Conan is, apparently.