Looking at the Music of Patrick Wolf Through Wordle

So as I mentioned in my last post, I have become obsessed with Wordle, and wanted to see what would happen if I plugged in all the lyrics of each respective Patrick Wolf album and then compared them. Here are the pictures, in order of earliest album released to latest.


Wind in the Wires:

The Magic Position:

The Bachelor:

It was really interesting to see a physical representation of the lyrics, and how they really did represent the albums. Lycanthropy features a lot of words that involve movement, I.E. “run,” “moving,” and “go.” One of the biggest words is “boy” which is a big theme in the album – being young, just starting out in music, and childhood. Wind in the Wires, the second album, has a lot of weather related words, like thunder, rain, and wind, and also sea related, like sailing and water. This album is very desolate and melancholy, represented by the gloomy weather. It’s also the only album that doesn’t appear to feature the word sun, which I thought was telling. The Magic Position is vastly different. It’s the only album that tells a specific narrative, and it follows the climax and then disintegration of a relationship. Of course one of the biggest words is love, and also lost, now, and open. The Bachelor, the most recent album, focuses more on the theme of being alone and forsaken by love, so words like desire, damned, and missed come to the forefront here. One of the biggest words is battle, also makes a lot of sense in the context of the album, as many of the songs focus on battles in relationships and with yourself.

I thought it was extremely interesting to see the trends in each album, and the crossovers between them. It was also surprising sometimes which words ended up becoming prominent, but I thought it was cool how well the pictures seemed to get at the albums.

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